Rental Shelters

Modular fabric buildings - for when you need temporary cover fast

When you need temporary or semi-permanent cover, you’re not going to want to pay for it outright. That’s why our Rental Shelters are popular. You can rent these structures to use as warehouses, maintenance facilities, processing areas - the options are endless.

Just like our other quality shelter solutions, these rental shelters can withstand any weather conditions. What sets these structures apart is their relocatability, speed of installation and superior performance in extreme weather. They can be erected in a fraction of the time required for a conventional building – a more economical & efficient solution.

Why choose Allshelter Rental Shelters?

The industry’s first 10-year warranty covers the steel framework, the fabric cover and the workmanship, so can be sure you’ve made the right choice of igloo shelter.

Rental options

Available for immediate hire – ideal If you have a one-off project or don’t require long-term commitment.

Versatile & Modular

These shelters are modular, meaning you can configure them to achieve the ideal length. Sizes range from 66’ wide to 157’ wide.


With no internal support posts, these structures offer extraordinary clearance. Your machinery & equipment has plenty of room to move.


Fully engineered to meet high quality standards. Suited for all weather conditions including high wind and snow areas.


Stock is available from regional depots and can be shipped by truck, rail, sea or air.

Cost Effective

The lightweight aluminum frame allows up to 10,000 sq ft on one truck. The flexibility of the aluminum allows the structure to be constructed on a variety of surfaces without the need for a foundation.

Versatile uses:

  • Warehousing
  • Handling & Logistics
  • Factory & Storage Expansions
  • Waste & Encapsulation
  • Health Response & Processing
  • Public Administration & Safety

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